Home Fall Hazards

Lindy Clemson

Evaluate the full range of potential fall hazards and enhance your observation skills by using Home Fall Hazards and the Westmead Home Safety Assessment(WeHSA). Contains the Manual, packet 25 assesment forms, pad of 25 safety report forms and laminated prompt sheet.


Author Lindy Clemson has over 20 year as an occupational therapist and currently lectures at the School of Occupational Therapy, University of Sydney, Australia. Lindy has developed the Home Fall Hazards manual and refined the Westmead Home Safety Assessment aftger years of research into the elderly, and extensive private home modification consultations.


The manual provides invaluable information for therapists involved in judging and prioritising hazards for individual clients as well as describing the assessment , the usage and the research involved in its development.


The assessment lists 274 home fall hazzards across 14 places and components of the home environment. As most falls occur during walking , hazards associated with both internal and external trafficways are featured. All high risk areas are included with the issues of footwear , lighting , reaching , seating, medication management and also safety call systems.


The Westmead Safety Assessment has been rigorously tested and a high degree of content validity established. Inter-rater reliability studies support the consistency of different therapists using the tool and confirm its usefulness as a clinical reporting tool, a training tool to enhance observation skills, a reminder and prompt for experienced therapists, and as an aid in research projects.


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